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Other ways to use Lynda’s gifts and talents with your students and organization.

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[wptabtitle] Song Preparation Workshop[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]This workshop presents a step-by-step plan that enables singers to learn a song holistically from the very beginning. It is a systematic method of incorporating essence, diction, musicianship and expressiveness into an integrated whole.

As a young singer, when given a new song to learn, the only thing I knew to do was to take it to the piano, play it through and sing it repeatedly until it was learned. Then I would add the musical elements – dynamics and interpretation. After singing it often enough, I would finally memorize it. Somewhere along the way I would take it to my teacher for the vocal do’s and don’ts.

There is a better way: one that enables us to learn the song as a “whole” from the very beginning, and not add the musical and interpretive elements after the words and notes are learned.

– Lynda

At the core of this technique is to shift the learning process from predominantly left brain activity (working) into a more left/right brain (playfulness) integration. This technique focuses on capturing the essence of the song as the first step in learning a song. Think of a beautiful tapestry. The essence of the song is the pattern that will appear on the tapestry and the elements are the threads that weave that pattern to a beautiful unified whole. In a step by step process we cover:


“How to Learn a Song” should be mandatory for every student, performer and teacher. Her systematic method leads to powerful, honest, communicative performances. Lynda’s holistic, right-brain approach has rebalanced and revitalized both my teaching and my singing! She is a masterful artist and singer!

– Dr. Sheila Allen, Professor of Voice, Texas Christian University

[Workshop: Two hour minimum. Three hours with break optimum.][/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] The Illusive “It”[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Lynda Poston-Smith singsCan you remember the last performance that captivated your heart?

What is it that makes some performances memorable,……mesmerizing,……moving?

Is it technique? musicianship? artistry? raw talent? Yes, yes, yes and yes…. but much more. It is the Illusive “IT” – the power of connection to capture and to captivate.

Lynda uses her skills as philosopher and pragmatist to explore what it means to become an artist who can allow something deep inside to reach out and connect with something deep inside the listener. She will discuss:

  • The discipline of spending time to identify and capture the essence of the music
  • The art of becoming vulnerable
  • Shifting focus away from ‘perfection’ to ‘other’
  • What it means to be a ‘gracious’ performer

The whole thing about making music is that it needs to be compelling…I believe music can change the molecules of a room – And so that is what we do. We change the molecules in a room.

– the late David Davidson,
Director of Dallas Symphony Orchestra Chorus, 1994-2009.

[Presentation: One hour minimum. Two hours with student participation optimum]

[wptabtitle]Vocal Master Class[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Lynda Poston-Smith is available to work with singers at all levels of training –
in master class or in private coaching venues.


A wonderful event for your school or organization

Follow up a joint recital by Lynda Poston-Smith and Robert Smith
with a master class for your singers and pianists –jointly or separately!

Lynda Poston-Smith & Robert C. Smith

Read what teachers are saying about Lynda’s work in master classes.

LPS is a truly gifted teacher and inspirational motivator. She exudes, by her presence, an immediate sense of well-being and invokes personal empowerment. Inhibitions fall away and joy just bubbles to the surface.

Students attending her Master Class remark on her down-to-earth approach to performing. Other teachers were impressed by her ability to reach those “hard-to-reach” students. Lynda has an amazing capacity for opening doors and removing blocks.

– Kathryn Garber, Opera Singer &
Head of the Voice Department TCCD Northwest Campus, Ft. Worth, TX.

Lynda Poston-Smith has the rare ability to bring together the many aspects of the craft of singing into a unified whole. She uses a variety of images that encourage freedom of expression and rich dynamic contrast. Her recitals are an art form in themselves and she performs them with an ease and grace that comes from years of scholarship and exploration.

– Dr. Julie Fortney, Professor of Music,
Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC


[wptabtitle]English Diction Coaching[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]English Diction ClassLynda follows in the footstep of her teacher/mentor Dorothy Uris as a master English diction coach. In 1969, while a student at The Manhattan School of Music, Lynda assisted Ms. Uris in her writing the successful text book To Sing in English. Lynda is now sought after as coach for choirs, recitalists and opera singers who are looking to improve their skills in communication.[/wptabcontent]


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